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Mankind is potentially heading towards a police state control grid, of an Orwellian Huxley nightmare, is this the future of mankind? or is there another chapter.
There is a co-ordinated effort by our so-called world leaders, in collaboration with the corporate controlled mass media, military-industrial complex, multinational corporations, to use manufactured global crises to establish a ‘New World Order’. This term which has been frequently used in the media in recent times, but what does it mean? That there will be global control in the form of a, One World Government, One World Army, One World Currency and a One World Religion.

There is, however, an alternative view of York history and local businesses such as a Local York cleaning Company. This spring clean event will be eloquently presented at The Clean Up Call, after we have shown our delegates, through well researched evidence and facts, and once the veil of deception has been lifted you will see, what is really going on around us and that truth shall set you free.

The aim of The Wake Up Call is to educate and make the public aware of this global conspiracy, this is especially important whereas this is not disclosed by the mainstream media.

If your visiting our hall for the first time welcome take a good look at the quality of workmanship that has gone into our roof repairs, or you will be probably aware that something is not quite right in how events are being perceived. This conference will comprise a variety of speakers, given their unique presentations and only afterwards will you be able to connect the dots and see ‘The Bigger Picture’.

My thanks, to The Alternative View for supplying the additional information.
Book Now - Day Ticket, Afternoon & Evening Tickets will be available on the door from 12.45pm on Saturday 12th December
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